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Note: Please view the source file for this webpage, otherwise you will never get the feeling that I have when I wrote this document.

Show how to use Markdown

This is a title, level 1

Next level title, level 2


  • Intro

    > I
    > am
    > on the same
    > line.
    > I am on two  
    > lines.

Can you figure out why?

Code blocks

public static void main(){
    System.out.printf("Hello Markdown!");

And a code inside text println("I love she"); Do you know who is she?

A code to display “`“:

This is ` used to add in-text code blocks.

HTML codes


— is the decimal-encoded equivalent of —

For those who are tired of HTML escape mark

See this: &copy, isn’t it simple. And another AT&T. Yeah!



(Actually I don’t quite understand HTML, but it’s fun!)

Let’s construct some list:

  1. List one;
  2. Oops, a wrong but acceptable;
  3. Oh, this is cool.
  4. Wow, the Markdown interpreter is really intelligent.
  5. This may spoil me.
  6. Let’s get back to the right way.
  7. Yes.(should be 7)
  • Another list 1

  • 2

  • 3 + Indent. - Let’s have dinner. _ More indent! _ > And mix things together. (This seems to failed) * System.out.print("Text");

1. I’m bit tired. 3. Yes.


Let me learn from the masters:

Quote: Keep It Simple Stupid -> K.I.S.S

And This: Learn from your failure

And: Look for the masters

See how to escape special characters: * A star! * Another star.

At last, Let’s get some visual image.


A inline picture

Replace text if no picture

A referenced picture

Again, replace text: unsupported png

Picture With Link


I love Google:Google

Three types of links

  1. In-line: look above!
  2. Referenced:
    1. Text_1
    2. Text_1
    3. Text_3
    4. You will understand how I love Google when you clicked the above links.

Some Syntax of HTML

  • Use < br > to do “line feed”

Last but not least, Escape The Markers

*literal asterisks*

Markdown 支持以下这些符号前面加上反斜杠来帮助插入普通的符号:

    \   反斜线
    `   反引号
    *   星号
    _   底线
    {}  花括号
    []  方括号
    ()  括弧
    #   井字号
    +   加号
    -   减号
    .   英文句点
    !   惊叹号


Who has taught me:

  1. wowubuntu.com : wowubuntu
  2. Other Websites found via Google